John Chandra

Colorado Telugu Fellowship

Bro. Johnny Chandra moved to the US in December 1999 on a work permit (H1 visa) and has since been serving among the Asian Indian diaspora through a local English language Indian assembly in the Greater Detroit area. Having been brought up in a Godly Christian Home in Visakhapatnam was born again at a young age and later baptized at a local assembly where he received sound teaching in the Word and training in various aspects of ministry.

Guided by the will of God and trusting in Christ Jesus whom we serve, he resigned from his regular employment in March of 2016 and became self-employed with the intention of serving God in the local community. In early 2017 he began to feel the tug on his heart to work in the geography where he lived. A huge number of Asian Indian migrants have chosen Farmington, Michigan and its surrounding in the recent past just as he had done 20 years ago. On Sep 24th, 2017 he along with a few like-minded believers had their first Church Service in Farmington Hills, MI at a rented facility.

What began with 9 members has grown to a 70-member Church community with the Lord adding to the Church weekly such as should be saved. It is a Church of Christians from various denominations and backgrounds, most of whom have decided to follow Christ. They are all encouraged constantly to serve one another and the community with the Gift they have been committed according to God’s Grace.

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