John Spurgeon

About John Spurgeon

National award winning volunteer, Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative and Prayerful, describes Pastor John Spurgeon. He operates with a cutting edge approach to establish the Kingdom of God. He calls himself a “sinner saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ”. His ministry has inspired and transformed many incarcerated men and women behind bars in Rutherford county alone. His unprecedented mantle and passion to see the lost come to faith in Jesus Christ through the prison ministry distinguishes him as a remarkable, spiritual leader with an anointing for addressing and redeeming the modern-day slavery with hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

Coming from an evangelistic home John Spurgeon has been a prodigy who utilized his God-given gifts and talents since his youth. Right from his childhood, he used to travel with his father Rev.Dr.P.Joshi, a renowned and anointed Radio and Television speaker who continues to be a great expositor of the word in the nation of India to this day. John Spurgeon preached his very first message at the age of sixteen years. He had always been cognizant of the greater calling on his life. But it was not until he turned twenty-seven, after experiencing a very successful corporate career that he discovered God’s call for full-time ministry. God has enabled him to come to America and attend seminary at Temple Baptist College, that’s where he started ministering to the incarcerated. He preaches and carries out the gospel mandate with incisiveness and accuracy delivering the word with boldness and authority leading lives to gospel transformation.

Being blessed of God with manifold gifts Spurgeon is an anointed leader and a dynamic visionary with a radical approach towards ministry. His relentless work for the incarcerated has reduced recidivism at Rutherford County Correctional Work Center and Rutherford County Jail in Murfreesboro.

In spite of the great exploits and power-filled authority, what strikes anyone who meets Pastor John Spurgeon is his humility and the belief that every good and perfect gift comes from above and is in turn for the greater glory of God Himself. With such a perspective he continues to seek and trust God to take him places he’s never been before, show him things he’s never seen before and release an anointing he’s never experienced before.

When he’s not ministering he loves to spend time with his family, loves to read and cook as well

Pastor John Spurgeon and his beautiful beloved wife Zion, a personification of grace are blessed with 3 wonderful children, daughter Jordan Krupali, Julianne Rhema, and Joseph Charles Spurgeon.

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