Dr. John Somaiah

John Somaiah

Dr. John Somaiah was born in Guntur and is a Senior Pastor at the Telugu Christian Congregation (TCC), Kuwait. He is also the President of the Telugu Kryaisthava Vedantha Vidyalayamu (TKVV Bible Colleges) at Kuwait & United Arab Emirates, Chairman for Kuwait Telugu Pastors Fellowship, Gulf countries coordinator for Global Telugu Christian Miniseries (GTCM), Board member & Fundraiser at the Late Dr. Sudha Livingston Charitable Trust’s Orphanage at Guntur.

Rev. John accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior at 9 years while he was a boy. He served the Lord for a decade in Chennai, India, and for the past five decades in Kuwait. God blessed him with 2 sons, 2 daughters, and 9 grandchildren.

His website: https://johnsomaiah.com/

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