Bro. Deevanaiah

Bro. Deevanaiah garu was born in Budampadu, a small village near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India, in a non-christian family. Before he was born, his mother had seven children and she found it hard to feed the family. So she began to take medicine to abort any more babies. Before she had Deevanaiah garu in the womb, two babies died that way. When Deevanaiah garu was in her womb, she took a double portion of the medicine, yet he survived and was born. Due to the effect of the medicine, he used to be very unhealthy most of the time. He was disturbed in his life and saw himself as a failure in his life and studies. He decided to commit suicide at an age of 16, but God in His grace abstained/protected him from committing suicide.
At the age of 19, a friend invited him to a prayer meeting. During the meeting, God’s Spirit came upon him and he began to confess all his sins with deep repentance. He began to grow in the Lord and his fellowship with Jesus Christ grew stronger day by day.
Obeying God’s call, his ministry was started with two persons. He has built a small church in 1997 for a few people. In 2008 God helped to remove that old church and build a new one that can accommodate around 3000 people (in Guntur). He has been serving the Lord for the past 24 years. He has ministered to thousands of people and preached the Gospel in 90 countries in the world so far. The Lord gave him a special burden for Africa. He has sent missionaries to serve in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda. He has planted 6 churches in Africa and several churches in different states in India. Every year, he holds a convention in India in Guntur, where thousands of people attend. Deevanaiah garu’s ministry details and updates can be found here:

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