Bhogi Santha Rao

Bro. Bhogi Santha Rao has been blessed with extraordinary skills as a Civil Engineer, a builder, a prominent industrialist, and in Real Estate. He did his Civil Engineering in the College of Engineering, Guindy (Chennai). He later went to IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) as well.

He was involved in major construction projects in the Naval Dockyard in Visakhapatnam (Submarine weapon equipment building), the Aircraft control tower for Vishakapatnam Airport, in Vizag Steel plant, Apartment buildings, etc. His engineering skills were recognized by the govt. He has seen huge success and fame as the head of the construction company, in Real Estate and as the Managing Director of Navodaya Steel Tubes Pvt Ltd. He was awarded the Nehru award (give to outstanding individuals) by the Andhra Pradesh government for quickly turning around a sick loss-making factory into a profitable one, giving employment to about a 1000 people.

Being from a very religious family, he built a temple in the Vizag steel plant – all the expenses were fully borne by him. He has built other temples and donated to several temples.

God has more in store for him, however. Through a dramatic turn of events, he witnessed the fullness of God’s revelation in Jesus Christ. Before that, he used to hate the Christian faith. Today he has dedicated himself to sharing the joy of God’s salvation and the relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Today, he uses his Civil Engineering skills for hundreds of church buildings (with acoustics, etc). To know how that happened, please see his testimony:
He has also documented his testimony in a book titled “Devuni Shakthi” or “Power of God”.

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